End of cycle 7, start of cycle 8, I hope

Tomorrow is the last drug-free “resting” day of cycle 7. It’s also the day when I have my blood tests and the meeting with my oncologist to determine if I’m healthy enough to go ahead with cycle 8. My final cycle.

I must admit that I’m not looking forward to cycle 8 … I’m really starting to reach the end of my patience with the chemotherapy. Although the physical effects are all individually manageable, the combinations are hard work. And lately for me, I’m finding that it’s more and more difficult to remain mentally positive. This treatment seems to wear everyone down eventually; some people struggle with the physical effects, but for me, it’s worn away at my mental reserves.

However, there is no alternative. And it is my last cycle. And I really want to get it done, as it signals the end of the chemotherapy, which is a major step towards getting my life back to normal again. So lets hope my white blood cell count is high enough to allow me to have my final IV session on Tuesday.

After that it’s just two more weeks of drugs, and then I’m finished with the chemotherapy. Then I can concentrate on the reversal of my ileostomy, which will (finally) allow me to get back to a more normal life, including getting back to work.

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