Update on cycle 8 (part ii)

Just a very quick update on progress, as I’ve relatively little to mention.

So far there have been no major changes in the side-effects of this cycle since my last report, apart from my hiccoughs. Unfortunately they seem to have got significantly worse, and in fact are turning out to be worse than on any of my previous cycles. I’m finding that they are definitely triggered by eating or drinking anything, as well as frequently coming on spontaneously too. So the worst of both world there. They are also much worse in the evening (though I have no idea why) and I seem to always get a major attack after taking my last set of tablets each night around 11pm.

Last night I was awake till nearly 4am with them, and it was 3am the night before. As anyone who’s had long-running hiccoughs will testify, the actual attacks themselves are not very pleasant. But the fact that I’m now also losing so much sleep is proving hard to cope with too; my patience, even over the smallest of things, is not what it normally is, or should be.

And of course the people who really have to bear the brunt of my irritability are my long-suffering family, who are being tested even more this week than normal, for which I feel both guilty and very sorry.


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