Ileostomy problem, continued

Four days so far, and no sign of the congestion in the stoma reducing. The damage to the stoma itself seems to be healing nicely, though it’s still weeping quite a lot more blood than usual. I think I’ll give it a full week to see how things are progressing and then make another appointment with the stoma care nurses and get them to check it out again.

I’m now pretty sure the root cause is a worsening of my hernia; my stoma is now on a very pronounced “bulge” on my abdomen, and the whole lot is even more prominent than it used to be. There is also noticeable pain from the area of my stoma whenever I cough or blow my nose too, which I never had before. All rather frustrating, but I suspect nothing very out of the ordinary as far as the stoma care nurses are concerned, which is relatively reassuring.

Still, hopefully it will all be gone in another six weeks or so.


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