Smartphones – revisited

Well, my heart finally won. I decided to buy an old refurbished mobile phone to replace my Blackberry for everyday use. I know it doesn’t make any kind of sense, and that in every way the Blackberry is technically superior. But I just don’t need all that technology. I just want a compact phone that makes calls, and sends and receives text messages easily and reliably.

I found a company that refurbishes Nokia 8810’s – which was the mobile phone that I remember so fondly. But the 8810 is single band GSM only, which is a bit of an issue these days, where all the networks in the UK depend on using both 900MHz and 1800MHz bands to ensure good coverage in both rural and city settings. So in the end I gave in, and went for the Nokia 8850, which was the follow-on from the Nokia 8810. It still has the same overall style as the Nokia 8810 (designed by Frank Nuovo, who now heads up the design teams for both Nokia & their insanely expensive Vertu sub-brand) but packs in a dual-band transmitter instead.

I figure that since it only cost me £27 for the default silver version (rather than black or gold), even if my heart is completely wrong I won’t have wasted too much money on it. And who knows, if it’s as nice as I remember my old Nokia 8810 to be, it may well help me recapture some of the pleasure I used to get from owning & using it.

Now, I wonder if it will arrive before the start of the Royal Mail strike or not? Hmmmmm.


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