Recovery from chemotherapy (week 2)

Another week goes by, and I think I’m starting to see some differences.

My peripheral neuropathy is still present; my fingers, toes and feet all still have numbness. However, I’ve noticed that I’m no longer as badly affected by the cold as in the past. I can now get things out the fridge (and even the freezer) without the problems I’ve experienced over the last few months. It seems to be getting better.

My tiredness is still present. I still want to have an hours sleep in the early afternoon to help me get through the day. I find that if I miss that, I feel the effects – my concentration slips, and I eventually end up struggling to stay awake. But I can now push on through the day without that sleep if I have to, whereas I wouldn’t have been able to do so even a fortnight ago. Things are improving!

Taste is still definitely not right. No real change. Drat.

The dry skin, with the associated peeling and cracking, is still present. Overall my hands seem to be getting a little better, but my finger-tips and feet are still just as bad as ever, which is frustrating. Hopefully I’ll start to see some improvements soon.

I’m still feeling the cold, though perhaps not as badly as before. Mind you, it is actually colder now, so I may just be experiencing that. Who knows?!

Management of my ileostomy hasn’t changed. Still the same old games with managing my hydration. The swollen stoma still isn’t showing any improvement, and my hernia continues to be a frustration. However, I can see an end in sight to most of that when I get my ileostomy reversed, hopefully next month, though naturally if it improves in the meantime, that would be a plus!

So, slightly slow progress perhaps, but it is progress nonetheless.


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