Smartphones, redux.

My “new” Nokia 8850 arrived today. As expected, it was completely refurbished, which is to say that it was an original chassis and circuit board, with new after-market covers. It also came with a UK specification OEM Nokia power supply, and two brand-new lithium ion batteries.

The phone is exactly as I remember it, though the covers lack the quality of the originals. I think the original OEM covers were made from titanium, whereas these covers appear to be largely some form of plastic. Update: The original cases were made from plastic and aluminium, but the standard colour finish was confusingly called “Titanium”. My covers are also made of plastic and aluminium, but definitely not as good quality as the OEM items would have been. However, without looking very closely, you’d never know the difference. And I can’t imagine that there are any original OEM covers left that haven’t been scratched to pieces by now, so it’s a reasonable compromise for what is really a ten year old phone.

In use it is exactly as I remember it. By todays standards it’s severely lacking in features, but it meets my requirements perfectly. It’s tiny, it makes phone calls, and it sends and receives SMS text messages. And that’s all it does. Total retro-style for only £27. So far I’m loving it.

The only problem I’ve found is that my Blackberry is unable to write its address book to my SIM card, so I have no simple way to get all my phone numbers transferred to the Nokia. I always thought the Blackberry was rubbish, but honestly, how poor is that?


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