Recovery from chemotherapy (week 3)

Another week goes by, so time for an update on the chemotherapy side-effects and my recovery from them. Sadly, not a lot of change to report since last week – most of my symptoms are very similar.

My peripheral neuropathy is still present. My fingers and hands feel a little better than last week, but there is no change at all in my feet/toes, which still feel numb and uncomfortable. I’m not noticing any problems with my larynx any more, which is good, and means I can now eat/drink cold things with impunity again. Overall it seems to be slowly improving, but I think I’m going to be dealing with this for a while yet.

No real change in the tiredness. I can get up early in the morning now, but I still find I want to sleep for an hour in the early part of the afternoon, and I struggle if I don’t. So saying, I’m working on cutting down the length of time that I sleep for, and on the days when I’m feeling particularly good, I’m trying to miss the sleep out altogether. I can tell that I’m making some progress here, but again, it feels slow at the moment.

My sense of taste is still weird. I no longer have any loss of taste, and I don’t have the over-riding metallic tastes any more, but lots of things just don’t taste the way they used to, which is most strange and pretty frustrating. In particular, I find some of my favourite things (eg pasta and tomato-based sauce) don’t taste the way I expect, and so aren’t my favourite things any more. Menu planning is proving frustrating as a result.

The dry skin, and all the resulting flaking and peeling has been a lot worse this last week; probably the worst I’ve experienced. However, the last couple of days it seems to have suddenly taken a turn for the better, with my fingers and hands improving dramatically. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, and that I may be rid of this soon.

I still seem to be feeling the cold. No change there.

The problems with my ileostomy, hernia and stoma haven’t changed since my last post. I think this is something I’m just going to have to put up with until I (hopefully) get my reversal operation. More on that as soon as I hear some conclusive results from my gastrografin enema test, which ought to be sometime in the second half of next week.


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