Running for bowel cancer charity

Andy McFarlane is one of my colleagues at IBM who has also fought his way through bowel cancer. He’s about 18 months ahead of me in his treatment, and this year he is running the New York marathon in aid of Lynn’s bowel cancer campaign, a small charity focused on raising awareness and early diagnosis of bowel cancer.

Andy was kind enough to spend time talking to me about his experiences of beating his bowel cancer just after I was initially diagnosed, which helped me to prepare myself for my treatment. If you’d like to support Andy in raising some money for a bowel cancer charity, you can make a donation via the Just Giving website.

Andy’s also reminded me of how enthused I was with the idea of entering the LiveStrong Challenge event in Austin (Texas) when it was suggested to me by Mark Cathcart. My surgeon was less impressed with the idea of me doing it this year, but it will make a great target for me for 2010, while also raising some money for some good causes.

It will force me to get some fitness training done too, which would be no bad thing either!

2 thoughts on “Running for bowel cancer charity

  1. Have you thought about getting a Wii? specifically the Wii Fit with the fitness board. Excellent for toning up muscles on bad weather days or maybe if you’re not ready to hit the roads yet. And fun too of course.

    • I must admit, no, I’d not. As we already have a Wii it’s a pretty good idea, except for the fact that I never get on the Wii while the kids are in the house anyway. Getting a Wii Fit probably won’t improve that situation any!

      At the moment I’m thinking I’d like to get back into badminton when I’m recovered, and I think adding a mix of swimming, cycling and running are likely to be practical ways of building up some stamina, as well as leading nicely into the LiveStrong challenge in due course. The problem is that I’m actually fairly averse to exercise for the sake of it. I only do sports and exercise that I enjoy, so I suspect that initially I’m going to need to be physically kicked out the house to go running (in particular), especially if the weather isn’t nice.

      However, once I’m back into the routine it will get a lot easier; I used to run two or three times a week on top of doing several other things, and used to really enjoy it. While I don’t have the free time I used to have, it would be nice to get back to doing three or four exercise sessions a week.

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