Leaky plumbing? Revisited again.

My surgeon called this evening just to let me know where things are with the results of my Gastrografin test. As we expected, the x-rays didn’t get processed in time to make it to the multi-disciplinary diagnostic team meeting on the 20th, and my surgeon, along with most of the rest of the team, was on holiday for the meeting on the 27th. After all, it was half-term, and doctors have families too! So, he’s yet to see my x-rays.

However, he confirmed that I did have an end-to-side anastomosis, which is really good news given the comments from my radiographer (see this post). However, the blind end normally tends to completely fill with contrast agent, which would be very obvious on the x-rays. From what the radiographer said at the time, and what I saw of the x-rays, I’m not sure that that was the situation in this case. So understandably my surgeon wants to review the x-rays himself before committing to a final go/no go decision on the reversal operation.

He’s going to call me on Tuesday afternoon / evening to let me know the outcome of that review, but the good news from my perspective is that he’s sufficiently confident to at least provisionally “book” me for the reversal operation on the 17th of this month. Hooray!

If the join does turn out to be leaking slightly then it will be a case of delaying the operation and monitoring the leak to see if it continues to heal naturally; that could take quite some time. Since we want to get me back to work sooner rather than later, the backup plan is to start reducing my codeine intake now so I can rejoin work with my ileostomy if necessary. I’m hoping to half my intake over the next fortnight, and eliminate it by the end of this month. That ought to be feasible now that I’m no longer on any chemotherapy drugs.

Still, I’m feeling very positive at the moment, and assuming that the reversal operation will go forward as planned. I must admit, it’s strange to see just how excited I’ve become at the prospect of being cut open again!


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