Leaky plumbing? Redux

My surgeon called this evening to let me know that he’s happy with the x-rays that were taken as part of my gastrografin enema test. I’m now confirmed for surgery to reverse my ileostomy on the evening of the 17th.

I’ll be called into the hospital for (more!) blood tests and pre-clerking sometime prior to the 17th, then I’ll go into hospital late afternoon on the 17th, and on into theatre around 6:30pm. I should be out of theatre later that evening, and will be kept in for a few days until the doctors are happy that my bowels have correctly restarted.

I’ll then be released home, but probably require a week or two of nursing care to regularly redress the wound, which will be left “open” by the surgeon to aid the healing. Time to fully recover from this procedure is very individual; anywhere from 4 weeks to a year. For most people it seems to be in the two to three months range, but I won’t know how it will be for me until I get there.

Still, it’s really good news – the plan is coming together 🙂

2 thoughts on “Leaky plumbing? Redux

  1. Richard, that is excellent news, sounds like you might get to the Cipher Challenge Prizegiving March 25th! All the best, be thinking of you. Graham

    • Hi Graham, I’ll certainly hope to get along to that – in fact, I’m noting it in the diary now as it’s always a great event. And thanks for all the well-wishes – much appreciated!

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