Pre-op assessment

Friday was my pre-op assessment meeting at the Spire hospital. It was interesting mostly because of the contrast to the pre-clerking meeting I had in the NHS. The NHS involved a lot of sitting around, followed by a brief period of frenetic activity to get me through the interview and all the various tests (blood, urine and ECG).

In contrast, the meeting at the Spire was very much more relaxed, with a lot more emphasis on making sure that I was aware of what was happening, what was going to happen, and had an opportunity to ask any questions etc. Once everyone was happy that I was comfortable with the whole process, there was a leisurely set of tests to finish off with. On the surface, very different.

At the end of the day though, they both asked me pretty much identical questions, and did identical tests. The private hospital just has more time (and money!) available for the niceties, if that’s important to you. It’s actually not that important to me, but having elected to get my reversal done privately for speed, the niceties come for free. Fair enough.

Anyway, my blood pressure was excellent (118 over 60), my urine proved I wasn’t diabetic, and that my liver is working well. The ECG proved that (electrically) my heart is in tip-top shape. I even seem to have managed to lose another couple of Kgs – which is nice. I had to provide another three vials of blood (from the other arm), which went off to the Spires’ lab for yet more tests. I’m starting to suspect that there is more of my blood in various testing facilities than there is in me. Still, unless I hear otherwise, I am to assume that all is OK, and that I should turn up for my operation on Tuesday, as agreed.

Which definitely works for me.


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