Reversed, Revisited again

I was woken by my surgeon at 7:25am this morning for another examination, which went well. His advice was to continue with yesterdays approach, eating small amounts of easily digestible food throughout the day, and wait for my digestive system to finish restarting.

Apart from a couple of visits from friends, the day passed pretty slowly, with me reading a book and trying not to get too worried about the apparent lack of progress.

My surgeon visited again around 8:30pm, and did another abdominal examination, and repeated that he’s happy with my progress, and thinks I should plan on being discharged tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday, depending on when (to put it delicately) I first have a bowel motion.

Fortunately, that has now happened, so hopefully I’ll be discharged tomorrow. I’ll know for sure when I see the man tomorrow morning I guess.

At that point I’ll have to find out about mobilising the district nurse to change my dressings, what painkillers I’m going to need to take home with me, and what other aftercare arrangements I need to be aware of. All good fun.


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