Slight setback

It turns out that my digestive system is now working in overdrive, which is keeping me closely tied to the nearest toilet. My surgeon has put me back onto (a lower dose of) loperamide to calm things down a little, and decided to keep me in the hospital today, and reassess my condition this evening.

He’s still hopeful that I’ll either go home this evening or tomorrow morning, as this is not an abnormal situation; it’s very common in fact, which is good to know.

Naturally I’m feeling rather wrung out by the experience, but hopefully we’ll get this under control and me back home on our original plan, as I really don’t want to have to stay in over the weekend unless there is absolutely no other option open to me.

Otherwise things seem to have gone very well; I have practically no pain from the wound site, which is already starting to show signs of healing, and apart from the previously mentioned problem, I’m feeling really well – which has to be good news!

Update: I’m going to be kept in overnight tonight, and possibly through the day tomorrow. Nothing terribly serious, I’m just dehydrated, and my consultant isn’t happy sending me home until I’m both re-hydrated and over the worst of what’s been causing the dehydration. He’s going to run a series of blood tests tomorrow to check my electrolyte levels, and determine when to discharge me on that basis.

So, I’m now quietly sipping water to help with that, and will also be assessed later this evening to decide whether they can help me further by putting me on an IV drip overnight. Since they’d have to recannularise me for that, I’d prefer to do it the natural way, particularly as a needle in the back of my hand isn’t going to make getting to and from the toilet any easier.

But as I’ve said before, I’ll do what I’m told, even if I don’t like it, as I intend to beat this thing.


2 thoughts on “Slight setback

    • Thanks Harry – the support from all my friends and colleagues has been invaluable in this. I don’t think I’d have managed as well without everyones constant encouragement and good wishes.

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