Home sweet home

L. and my daughters came to pick me up and take me home this evening. Wonderful to see them again, and even more so to leave hospital, despite the wonderful care that I had there.

Having got home, the place looks like a cafe – we have about 20 people for lunch tomorrow after my elder daughters confirmation service, and my wonderful wife has been busy in my absence, setting up temporary tables and preparing to feed them all. I have to admit that I wandered off in a bit of a daze and unpacked while she continued preparations for tomorrow, and then sat with the kids (who were watching X-Factor) and promptly fell into a really deep sleep. An hour later and I felt like a different man.

I know there is still a long way to go before my situation completely stabilises, and there will undoubtedly be problems to deal with along the way, but I’m not complaining. Life is currently very good.


2 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Really good news that you are home. I can vouch for it being fairly “normal” to be in the loo a lot to begin with. I know it can be depressing and seem as if things will never improve, but they will and you will get back to a normal life. I don’t think there’s any way to speed things up. Your body has to adjust for its new geometry and that takes abit of time.

    • I agree; it’s going to be a slow process, though I think I can already see some small improvements in just a couple of days. Of course, whether those are real or imagined, or just random variations … who knows?

      My surgeon suggested I’d probably see a fairly dramatic improvement in the first week or so (as everything starts working again?), and then much slower, steadier progress over the following months as everything adapts to its new role.

      I’d be perfectly happy with that.

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