Reversal recovery (part i)

My first night home was great. I eventually went to bed around 1am, and slept right through to nearly 7am with only one interruption to visit the toilet. It’s amazing how much better you feel after a reasonable nights sleep. Suddenly the world looks like a completely different (and better) place.

Family and friends started turning up for my two elder daughters confirmation service at about 8:45am, and by 9:15am I was at the church with the kids (and my parents) to meet the bishop and listen to the last minute directions on the order of service. This took half an hour, after which we joined L. and the rest of our family and friends in the church, who were fortunately saving us some seats. And at 10am we started. To my surprise, I was fine all the way through the service (which went past noon) without needing to find the toilet, but the sitting/standing/sitting/standing game took its toll on my wound, and by the time the service had come to a close I was starting to feel both tired and sore.

Still, it was worth every moment to see the kids getting confirmed, especially as only yesterday it had seemed so unlikely that I would be able to even attend.

We then had everyone back to our place for lunch and an afternoon tea. I squeezed in some more drugs and a half hours snooze before lunch too, which helped immensely. In the end we had a great day – I hope everyone else did too, though the washing up was rather mountainous!

The only question now, is how well will tonight go? It would be nice if I’m able to sleep through the night again, rather than having to stay wide-awake and near a toilet all night.

Only time will tell…

Update: And the unfortunate answer is, not as well as the previous night. Still, I did get a few hours sleep, so I’m not going to complain too much!

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