Reversal recovery (part iii)

On Monday night I got very little sleep again, but the good news was that on Tuesday morning, when I went to have my dressing changed, the wound tract was looking much better. Given how nasty it looked on Monday, there was far less sign of inflammation than I would have believed possible. I guess that despite my relatively large drug intake over the last year or so, I very rarely take antibiotics, and maybe that accounts for their dramatic effect when I do.

Unfortunately, the side-effect of taking the antibiotics is that they are making my diarrhoea worse, which meant that I got absolutely no sleep at all on Tuesday night, spending the entire night getting up and down to the toilet. Clearly this situation isn’t sustainable, but fortunately when I talked to my consultant on Monday evening, we had discussed the possible need to alter my drug regime to cope, and he’d set out some broad guidelines within which he was happy for me to experiment.

So, on that basis, in the short term I’ll increase my loperamide dose from 3 x 4mg per day to 4 x 4mg per day, biasing the dose timings slightly towards the latter part of the day/night, and see how things go. If that isn’t sufficient then I’ll need to discuss the situation with my GP, as it’s not possible to raise the loperamide dose further while staying within my guidance.

Wednesdays dressing change went well, with the infection of the wound continuing to improve rapidly thanks to the antibiotics. Pain from the wound site is higher than I remember from the days when I was in hospital, but still perfectly bearable. I expect this is a result of the surgeon injecting the wound with painkillers as part of the surgery, which will have long since worn off.

As the first night after increasing the loperamide dose, it will be interesting to see how well I cope tonight, and how much sleep I manage to get. More news soon.

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