Reversal recovery (part iv)

And the result from last night was that I got a great nights sleep, with no interruptions at all. Which was wonderful, as my energy reserves were just about exhausted.

Probably as a result of that, I managed to get out on my bike for the first time since my reversal operation; just a short ride to drop some borrowed books back to a friends house, but it was nice to get back in the saddle again, nonetheless.

Energy-wise I seem to be much better than after the last operation. I don’t feel as though the operation has affected my strength or stamina much at all, although the action of cycling uphill definitely pulled on the stitches in my wound. Keeping my rides infrequent, short and gentle is probably wise, for now at least.

The dressing change went as expected, with no obvious problems. The wound is still inflamed, but to my eyes improved since yesterday, which is good. The soluble stitches appear to be starting to dissolve too. Since I’m going to be changing my dressings myself over the weekend, the nurse gave me a few more supplies – a couple of dressing packs, some tubes of sterile saline, etc. My medicine chest is becoming comprehensive, if nothing else.

Unfortunately I seem to be struggling though a period of recovery that very much follows the axiom of “two steps forward, one step back”, and while yesterday was definitely “two steps forward”, overall, today appears to have been more of a “one step back” day.

Sadly, I’m not expecting a night of uninterrupted sleep tonight 😦


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