Reversal recovery (part v)

In the end Friday night wasn’t as bad as I thought it was shaping up to be; I managed to get two disjointed periods of sleep, each just over a couple of hours long. Not ideal, but enough to keep me running.

This morning I felt well enough to venture out the house with my family and go to the local school Christmas faire. We only spent 90 minutes there, but it was enough to feel like I was at least temporarily back in control of my life again. The Faire was heaving with people too, which is really good news, as it should mean that we’ll make a good profit (I’m a governor there) which can be spent on extras for the children next year.

When we got home I decided to change my wound dressing, which apart from being a bit awkward because of its position, was really straightforward; it only took about 5 minutes. The inflammation looks to me like it’s still getting better, but to be fair, there’s not a massive change in appearance since it was changed on Friday.

This afternoon/evening I fulfilled my role as Dads Taxi, and ran my eldest daughter to and from a birthday party in Southampton. Although it wasn’t a massive distance to drive, it was the furthest I’ve been since my operation, which again left me feeling positive that things are starting to settle down into some form of normalcy.

And now I’m just waiting to see how much sleep I manage to get tonight. Spot the theme here?! 🙂

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