Two steps back?

Just had an issue with some blood in the toilet that prompted me to call my surgeon at home and ask for his advice. After a good 15 minutes talking about my progress to date his view is that that’s definitely nothing to be worried about, but he’s not completely happy that I’m making as much progress as he’d like by this stage of my recovery.

He suspects that a narrowing of the surgical join in my lower colon may be to blame, so he wants to see me at his clinic on Monday morning for an internal examination, where he can assess exactly what’s going on, and potentially resolve any problem there.

Part of me is mightily relieved that this isn’t a major issue, while another part of me is somewhat concerned about how he’s intending to resolve this for me. I now have disturbing visions of various medieval instruments of torture… though of course, in practice it will be good to actually know what the status is, so we can actually take whatever is the appropriate action.


4 thoughts on “Two steps back?

    • Hi Graham, sorry for the long delay in posting anything. Nothing to worry about – I simply reached that point where I needed a break. A couple of family birthdays and the preparations for Christmas have also been taking their toll too!

    • Thanks Mark – nothing to worry about – I just needed to take a break for a while and regain my perspective!

      I’m currently looking forward to Christmas with my family and friends around me, and getting back to a more normal life in early 2010 – currently hoping to be restarting work part-time in January (subject to my GP & IBM OH approval), and progressing up to normal working hours again by March/April time.

      Part of me would like to quietly forget 2009 and start anew with 2010, but I suspect that this experience is something that’s never going to leave me; I’ve been meaning to think that through and put it down in words – something for the blog after Christmas perhaps.

      Anyway, hoping all is going well for you, and that you also have a great Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

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