Two steps back, revisited

Sorry for not posting anything over the last 10 days; I’ve been writing about my progress for nearly a year now, and I finally reached that point where I needed to take a break.

My progress has however been good – the wound is continuing to heal extremely well, and I’m now down to changing the dressing every other day. It’s currently looking as though I’ll only need to continue having the dressing changed for another week or two – by then it’s likely to be fully healed.

My impromptu meeting with the surgeon on the 7th went well; he was happy with my progress, and confirmed that the bleeding was nothing to worry about; simply a normal (if somewhat extreme) side-effect of having had my ileostomy for several months. The join in my colon is not narrowing, so there is no need to take any remedial action there – phew!

My next scheduled appointment is with the surgeon on the 21st. In addition to whatever he wants to do, I want to discuss the drugs regime that I’m currently on, and how to alter it as I move forward. I’ve already taken it upon myself to halve both the loperamide and cocodamol doses that I was released from hospital with, but I suspect that there is a lot more that can be done in that area, and that doing so will probably have a positive effect on my quality of life too. I’m just a little wary of making too many major changes without agreement from my surgeon, as I’m well aware that the drugs are helping me to walk a fairly fine line at the moment.


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