Kicking the chemicals

Back in my last post I mentioned that my surgeon wanted me to come off all my painkillers. Which seemed like a jolly good idea, as I wasn’t in any pain, and there are possible side-effects from them that it would be preferable to avoid.

So Monday afternoon I discontinued the Diclofenac and the Cocodomol, maintaining only the Loperamide. And all was good. At first.

Tuesday was mostly OK, but by Tuesday evening I was experiencing a little discomfort. Nothing major, but noticeable.

By Wednesday evening I was experiencing a lot of discomfort. I struggled to get to sleep.

Thursday was not a good day, and by the evening I’d had enough; the discomfort didn’t ever get to the point of being what I would term really “painful”, but it was like toothache … it was always there, and impossible to escape from it. I couldn’t sit down and get comfortable; I couldn’t stand up and get comfortable. The only solution was to lie down. Clearly not good, especially at this time of year when we’ve got lots of visitors, and invitations to meet up with friends.

So as of Thursday night, I went back on the Cocodomol, albeit on half the dose I was originally released from hospital on. By the middle of Christmas Day I was starting to feel the effects again, and by the end of Christmas Day evening I was back to almost completely pain-free. Which is a blessed relief, let me tell you!

So, it looks like when my surgeon asked if I was in any pain, I wasn’t aware that I actually was in some pain, but that the painkillers were very effectively managing it for me. The interesting question of course, is what to do now? This doesn’t seem urgent (well, not urgent enough to wreck our Christmas’ by calling out my surgeon!) but I’m not due to see him again for some weeks, so my plan at the moment is to pass a message to him via his secretary explaining the situation, and ask if he wants to discuss the situation when he gets back into work after Christmas.

In parallel to that, I need to see my GP soon to agree a date to return to work (though this may put a spanner in that) and clearly the amount of medication I’m on, any underlying pain, etc, will all have a bearing on that. Having explained the situation to him, it may be that with a fresh pair of eyes he will be able to make some suggestions that will help. I’ll get that booked next week.

So, not exactly a great result, but at least I’ve managed to drop the Diclofenac. It’s a start.

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