Kicking the chemicals (part iii)

My surgeon called the other evening with the results from my urine and blood tests.

The urine test was negative for infections, which in combination with my continuing normal temperature readings pretty much rules out prostatitis in all its forms. Which is good.

My blood tests came back as mostly normal; the Full Blood Count (FBC) showed that my White Cell count was slightly elevated, and the C-Reactive Protein test (CRP) came back a little higher than normal too. However, in both cases these are very non-specific tests, and “normal” is somewhat subjective, especially for the CRP reading. Taken together they probably just indicate that my body is coping with some low level inflammation or infection. Certainly neither were high enough to indicate serious problems such as the return of the tumour or my colon leaking, especially when combined with my continuing normal temperature. Which is very positive.

In the meantime, thanks to the Cocodomal, I’m pretty much rid of that pain so the new plan is to gradually reduce my dose to check if, when and how the pain reoccurs. In parallel, my surgeon will look for any physical reason for the problem in the images that come back from my CT scan on the 25th, and if necessary, get new pelvic MRI & Gastrografin enema tests run (oh joy!), which will give him more detailed images to work from.

I’m pretty sure that he is now convinced that this is purely muscle strain, which makes perfect sense to me too, but he’s keeping an eye on all the other options too, which gives me a lot of confidence. Unfortunately that diagnosis doesn’t give us many options for treatment – because those aren’t muscles that I can exactly rest!


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