First checkup

Tomorrow I start the transition from the treatment to the monitoring phase of my cancer treatment; I have the first of my (annual?) check-ups to determine if I am still cancer-free. Or not.

I understand that normally this will be done with a combination of a colonoscopy and a full-body CT scan, but in this case I’ve already had a recent colonoscopy as part of my ileostomy reversal, which showed that my colon was completely clear of any polyps. So this time I just get the full-body CT scan, which is looking for any signs of the cancer having spread to other parts of my body.

I’ve had one of these before when I was initially diagnosed and I’m not really looking forward to the procedure, mostly because of the contrast agents that I know they’re going to want to use. I’ll need to drink a litre of gloop (which is horrible) to highlight my upper GI tract, and have a very large cannula inserted in my arm (which I hate) to highlight my vascular system. So my wife is going to come along and support me, hold my hand, and make sure I don’t try to run away!

I keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it, provided the results come back negative. Speaking of which, I suspect I’ll have a week or two waiting on tenterhooks for the results to come back, which will be fun.

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