First checkup (reprise)

Todays CT scan went pretty much to plan. The basic format was identical to the last time, in that I needed to drink a Barium contrast agent to highlight my upper GI tract, and have an IV contrast agent to highlight my vascular system.

However, this time, knowing what was in store for me, I knew not to eat or drink anything in advance of the scan, which made drinking the Barium contrast agent much easier, if not any more pleasant. The IV contrast agent required that I have a cannular fitted, which was even less fun than normal. In the end it took two nurses, and both arms to get a working connection. Not exactly ideal, given how much I dislike needles.

Still, the CT scanner was absolutely state of the art, and did the actual scans at least an order of magnitude more quickly than the older one that I used last time. The scans couldn’t have taken more than a few seconds each. Very impressive.

Update: I forgot to mention that the IV contrast agent acted very differently this time. The first time I had this done I could very clearly feel the agent being pumped into me, and a hot sensation as it ran around my body. This time I could hardly feel it; there was the barest sensation of warmth, which as before finally settled into my buttocks. However, it was nothing like as peculiar or unpleasant as the first time I had this done. I wonder why not? Different chemical, slower infusion, more tolerance? Who knows. Interesting though.

Sadly, the Barium contrast agent seems to have very badly upset my digestion, so I’ve not had a terribly pleasant time through the late afternoon and early evening. Still, it will all be a small price to pay if the doctors come back with the all-clear. That will probably be a week or two away yet though.

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