Reversal recovery (part xv)

It’s been two weeks since I last had any painkillers, and eleven days since the end of my antibiotics. No major changes to mention; I do still experience some pelvic pain, but nothing like what I was suffering from before. The pain I do get seems to be a lot worse when I do any exercise, or spend too much time on my feet. I also seem to be permanently tired, no matter how much sleep I get (and I’m not getting much, to be honest). I’m hoping that this is a sign of my body using what resources it has to heal, but who knows?

I’m also really struggling to manage my dose of Loperamide; I’m bouncing back and forth between constipation and diarrhoea, and struggling to achieve a happy medium. Both are unpleasant, and painful. Perhaps if I am able to get the Loperamide in smaller dose capsules, I may find this easier; that’s something to discuss with my GP when I next see him.

I’ve also received an appointment for my gastrografin enema for this coming Tuesday, which will hopefully reveal if the leak from the join in my colon is healed, healing, or not, and (possibly) the extent of my remaining abscess.

I also have an appointment with my GP to either renew my medical signoff from work, or return me to work. I’m hopeful that I may get the go-ahead to return to work this month, though I’d prefer that I not go back before my surgeon has seen the result of my gastrografin test, and declared himself happy too. We’ll see what the GP has to say later this week.

Overall this post doesn’t sound very positive; but actually it is. Compared to how I was only a month ago, the contrast is incredible. I can see my life starting to return to some sense of normalcy. I’m perhaps not there yet, and may not be completely there for some time to come, but I can see that it’s slowly happening. Which is just fine.

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