Reversal recovery (part xviii)

Another week has gone by since my last post, and to be honest, I’ve just been holding station, trying (and so far, largely failing) to regain the equilibrium that I’d reached prior to having my gastrografin test, while waiting to hear the outcome of that test from my surgeon.

That meeting with my surgeon happened this morning, and as I mentioned in my previous post, my intention was to try to negotiate holding off from letting him make any further interventions, and seeing if I can heal normally with more time. It turns out that my surgeon had exactly the same agenda.

So, the happy result is that my surgeon wants to do nothing further for the time being, and not to see me again for another three months or so. His hope is that during that time my abscess will heal, reduce in size, and perhaps even that the leak from my bowel may heal too. If I’ve not made progress at the end of those three months then we can consider what to do next, while losing nothing other than some time. However, time is something I currently have on my side.

During the next three months my surgeon expects that I will make slower progress than if the leak were not there; in this context that means that I’m probably going to continue to struggle with frequency and urgency issues, which is somewhat frustrating.

However, he also says that as soon as I have regained the equilibrium I had before my gastrografin test (more experimentation with my drugs!) then I can start doing whatever exercise I wish, and also restart work. Since I’m no longer taking painkillers, and in particular, Codeine, this is likely to be much more acceptable to IBM too.

So after a year off work, it looks like I will soon be gainfully employed again – at last!


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