Reversal recovery (part xix)

Another week goes by, and with it, on the 20th, I passed the 1 year anniversary of my cancer operation. It was a slightly strange feeling to look in the mirror at my scar, which in many ways feels so alien still, and realise it’s actually been a part of me for a year now. Still, I guess I should count that as a positive thing, and hope that it will continue to be a part of me for many years to come!

On a less prosaic level, I’m still struggling with regularity, frequency and urgency issues, and these seem to be taking a lot longer to get under control than I expected. I’m now taking a larger dose of Loperamide than before, and this is helping, but still hasn’t got me back to the stage that I was at before I had my last Gastrografin enema test, which is very annoying. However, I am most definitely at the stage where I can control things well enough to be able to continue with the plan my surgeon and I hatched to return to work.

With that in mind, I’ve agreed with IBM that I’ll return to work on the 5th of April. That will allow me another couple of weeks to continue to improve, and then I’ll rejoin the working world by way of a phased restart. This will start me off working for only 15 hours per week, ramping my hours up by 5 hours per week every fortnight, so that at the end of 2 months I’ll be back at a normally contracted 40 hour week again. We’ve not discussed quite when I’ll be expected to be working the more usual 50-60 hour weeks again, but at the moment I’m planning to avoid doing that other than on an exceptional basis anyway. This last year has taught me that there really is more to life than just work.

And, speaking of restarting work, I now have a new role to return to. Although IBM had been keeping my old role open for me, I was lucky enough to be invited to apply for a new role, despite still being on sick leave and not having a definite restart date. The role sounded really interesting, so I applied for it; the interview panel went well, and I was formally offered the role last week. I’ll be transferring over to IBM’s Sales and Distribution organisation, where I’ll become an Industry Architect, looking after several of IBM’s major customers in the Media and Entertainment industry from a technology perspective.

It’s a part of the business & an industry I’ve not really worked in before, so I’ll have a lot to learn, and from what I know already there will be a lot of challenges along the way. However, it also sounds really interesting, and there seem to be some really good people there to work with, who I’m sure will help me out when I run into the inevitable problems. Overall I think it’s going to be great fun, and I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into it!


3 thoughts on “Reversal recovery (part xix)

  1. Richard, I am guessing that travel is still sufficiently awkward that you will not make Bletchley on Friday, but we will have a place laid for you anyway. Glad things are progressing. Good luck with the new role and the return to work. All the best, G.

    • Graham, PaulF asked me about that last week, and I emailed him again earlier today to reconfirm that I’m still planning to be at Bletchley on Friday. I’ve not heard back from him yet, but I’m hoping to catch him on the phone tomorrow and pull all the pieces together then, as it will be great to attend. I’ll drop you an email to let you know the outcome of my chat with Paul, but will certainly hope to see you on Friday. Cheers, R

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