Trial day in work

Today I was invited to an hour and a half meeting, starting at 9am in IBM’s Bedfont location, near Heathrow. I decided it would be a good test for me to accept, and see how I got on.

The first problem was to actually get to the meeting on time. Options are to drive up the M3, or to take the mainline train to central London, and then a district line train back out to Feltham, and a bus to the office. At first glance, the car looks the better option, but the M3 normally queues from Fleet services to the M25 at peak travel times, and there are currently road-works too.

In the end I decided that the departure times would be about the same for either option, but taking the car would give me more flexibility. So that was my chosen option. However, my best guess was that I would need to leave home shortly after 6am, to arrive at Bedfont before peak travel times. In this case, I was aiming to arrive at 7:30am, and then have breakfast (and my tablets!) at the office.

In practice this worked fine. The meeting went well. I spent the rest of the morning catching up on some admin & networking with some colleagues. I then had some lunch (and more tablets), but started to get really tired around 1:30pm, so I decided to pack up and go home, arriving back there around 3pm.

By the time I had made it home I was totally exhausted; but then again, I’d been on the go for 9 hours at that point, which I suppose isn’t too bad.

My next test will be on Friday, when I am planning to attend the National Cipher Challenge prize-giving event for IBM at Bletchley Park, near Milton Keynes. That runs from midday through to 4pm, and I figure the travel will be about 3 hours in each direction, which again I’m planning to do by car. I suspect if it were anywhere other than Milton Keynes, it might be too much for me to manage; however, my brother lives there so I can have a good break with him and his family before returning home, which will help enormously.


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