Another milestone

This week marks the completion of my phased restart to work at IBM. I’m now working full-time again.

In practice, I’ve actually been working at least my fully contracted hours for the last 3 weeks or so, but it’s good to officially get here, as it marks another (major!) point in my path to recovery. Of course, I don’t have the energy levels and stamina that I had before I became ill – not yet! – but I can see that the more I do, the more I am able to do. I’m now very confident that as time continues to pass, I’ll continue to recover, eventually ending up just as fit for work as I have ever been.

Of course, there are still days when (for no apparent reason) I really struggle with tiredness, and I still need to plan and manage my travel and working day carefully to ensure I don’t run into difficulties; but with a bit of planning, preparing for the worst, and admitting that sometimes I need to just take a break for a while, it’s all working out well.

I’m really enjoying my new job too!


2 thoughts on “Another milestone

  1. That’s great news, Richard, welcome back to full time employment! I don’t know about you but I get tired sometimes – for no apparent reason – and put it down to age. Maybe your just in the same boat as the rest of us šŸ™‚

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