Reversal recovery (part xxii)

Back in March I wrote about the meeting with my surgeon where we decided to let nature take its course for 3 months, not to intervene at all, and then to meet up and re-evaluate where I am, and what next steps to take. To my surprise, those months have flown by, and that follow-up meeting happened last week.

Overall my surgeon is happy with my progress (as am I) and was able to give me some reasons for some of the symptoms I’m seeing; so the difficulty in balancing my Loperamide is almost certainly due to the abscess. If I didn’t have that, it’s highly likely that I would be finding things much easier. This is also being exacerbated by the type of operation that I had to have. C’est la vie.

But, given that I’m getting on with life, and that things seem to be improving (slowly and steadily, if not necessarily in leaps and bounds!) he didn’t feel there was any advantage in scheduling more invasive tests, so I get to continue as I am for the next 6 months. At that point I’ll need my next full-body CT scan and sigmoidoscopy to check for any signs of a relapse anyway, so my surgeon will reassess how the abscess is healing as part of that examination.

On the good news side of the equation, the longer I go without any signs of the cancer reoccuring, the better the chances of it never reoccuring. In practice, the distribution of reoccurances against time is roughly logarithmic, with about 80% of reoccurances happening in the first 2 years, with the chances of a reoccurance at 5 years being no worse than that of contracting the disease in the first place. In my mind, that means I can start to breathe easier in 2011, and heave a huge sigh of relief in 2014.


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