Spaced out

This last week didn’t really go entirely to plan at work. On Tuesday, for the first time since I restarted work, I had to actually cancel some meetings; I managed to get through the morning with a bit of a struggle, but by lunchtime it was clear that I wasn’t going to manage the rest of the day, which involved a trip into central London. So after a bit of soul-searching, I did the sensible thing and cancelled the rest of my meetings, and headed home to regroup.

I got myself turned around so that by Wednesday I was able to get through my whole day of meetings in London, but the early start and late finish set me back again, and meant that Thursday and Friday (even though I was working from home) were far less productive than they should have been.

And worse, by the weekend I was experiencing pain from the abscess in my pelvis again, and couldn’t get it to settle down with my normal “rest and recover” approach. So in the end I resorted to the medicine cabinet, and took the first Cocodomol tablet that I’ve needed in months. The result was a completely lost afternoon; I don’t remember it at all – I think I slept most of it. Maybe. I just can’t remember.

And then it occurred to me that at one point I was taking eight of those a day, and trying to persuade IBM that I could return to work. No wonder they weren’t keen on that idea!

The good news is that things seem to be settling down again; not quite back to normal yet (so I’ll probably need to take it carefully this coming week), but it’s definitely getting there. Which is good. But it serves as a clear reminder that I do still have less stamina than I’d sometimes like to think.

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