Summer holiday update

It’s been a while since my last update as I’ve been off on three weeks summer holiday; a mix of my usual fortnights break, and an extra week from the backlog of vacation that was accrued while I was on long term sick leave last year. The poor August weather here was a bit of a blow, and prevented us from doing some of the family activities that we’d planned, but fortunately we had a week in the south of France with friends, staying in a villa just north of Montpellier. The weather there was 30-35c each day, with glorious sunshine, which was fabulous and more than made up for the poor UK weather during the rest of the holiday.

I’d been worried about how well I’d cope away from home, with changes of routine, different food etc, but in the end there were no major problems. In fact, it does seem that in general things are suddenly starting to improve again. I still have bad days of course, but my current bad days are more like my good days from 6 months ago – which is very positive.

I’m also still experiencing some problems with peripheral neuropathy in my feet & toes, but these days that’s pretty much the only issues I have left. I’m hoping it stays that way, but I do have an uneasy suspicion that come the winter and colder weather, I may find that it spreads to my hands and fingers again. Time will tell.

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