Insulating the loft

Todays main job was to move forward the loft; laying the remaining flooring boards (and the insulation under them) to complete the main central section of the loft. This gives us a large space where we can store things “out of season”, and allows us easy access to everything. It’s also the last job that needs doing before I order & fit the extra insulation to bring the rest of the loft space up to current insulation standards – we currently only have a woeful 100mm of insulation up there.

The current plan is to fit eave vents and another 200mm of insulation across all the unboarded loft space, add additional insulation to the pipework and heatstore, and insulate & draught-proof the loft hatch. On the one hand that’s all very laudable from a “green” perspective, and practically I ought to see a return on my investment (about £200) within a year or so – but actually this is all about keeping warm. I spent most of last winter feeling cold, and I just don’t want to go through that again. So more insulation? Yes please! Bring it on…

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