New car

This week I changed my car. I went from a very sensible (but old) Seat Leon 1.6, to a Mercedes 280 CLK Coupe.

Which is an odd decision. In fact, if I’m honest about it, it’s not so much odd, as really not very sensible. I can’t fit the whole family in it (it’s only a four seater) it’s a nuisance carrying anyone in the rear (because it’s a two door car), and it promises nothing but large bills in the future.

But over the last 18 months I’ve realised that actually there is more to life than just being sensible. Sometimes you have to live a little. For me, this was one of those occasions. Not so much a mid-life crisis, as a (hopefully) post-cancer crisis. I fancied it, I could afford it, so I bought it.

I’m loving the luxury; the automatic gearbox, the effortless power and torque, the fact that its electric everything. I’m trying not to get too worried about the 22mpg urban fuel consumption (it rises to about 33mpg on a run) simply because these days I tend to either drive to the station and catch the train to London or work from home. I just don’t drive as many miles as I used to.

But so saying, I really do need to add a bluetooth phone interface and the ability to play MP3s for those few longer journeys that I do still make. The car comes with a 6-stack CD player, but all my CD’s are packed away in the back of my wardrobe; I really want to be able to plug in a USB hard drive. Hopefully this Dension Gateway and bluetooth adaptor will do the trick.

I just need to decide whether to have them fitted for me, or to do it myself. I’m strongly tempted to go the DIY route, simply because I know I’ll be happier with the placement of everything … but against that, I’m really not keen on the amount of disassembly that seems to be involved.

A decision to mull over for a bit longer, I suspect.

2 thoughts on “New car

    • Unfortunately, the third paragraph just hides quite a bit of spreadsheet bashing. I still needed to work out just how expensive it was going to be, and if I was prepared to really afford it or not. I’m never going to be that carefree with my money – it’s just not in my nature!

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