Another “all clear”

A week ago I passed some blood again.

To say that this worried me would be the worlds understatement; but on the other hand I’m now also well aware that there are many alternative reasons for such symptoms, including a couple only available to me, thanks to the treatment that I’ve already been through. That didn’t stop me immediately calling my consultants office to book an investigative appointment though.

Then, a few days later, I had another more dramatic episode with a lot more blood. Since then I’ve been living in the moment, waiting for my appointment with my consultant, to understand what’s happening, and how serious a problem I have.

Tonight was my appointment, and my consultant, true to form, didn’t disappoint.

A quick interview, and a brisk “Lets have a look then!”, leading to a full sigmoidoscopy. Not a particularly fun way to spend a Thursday evening, but as its turns out, very (positively) informative. The good news; there are are no signs of any cancer returning. But there are signs of inflammation etc around the entrance to my abcess, which forms the most probable source of the bleeding.

So I can rest a bit easier tonight. But as with all things medical, there is a downside to this. Having woken the beast, there is a price to pay. In this case, my consultant realised that he hadn’t yet started the diagnostic colonoscopy examinations which will be a regular feature of the rest of my life. So tonight he started the process for my first.

These are done under a fairly powerful set of local anaesthetics (Midazolam, Lorazepam etc), as a day surgery process. Looking at the preparatory details, I figure I’m going to be pretty much incapacitated for about 4 days prior, and a day or two afterwards. Fortunately my consultant does these on Tuesday evenings, so I lose a weekend, a Monday, a Tuesday and (probably) a Wednesday from work. And thanks to the use of the Benzodiazepines, hopefully I won’t remember too much about it, because it doesn’t sound like the nicest of procedures.

But as with all these things, if it keeps me healthy, I’ll do it.

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