Paying the piper

Back in late October I had some problems that required a quick visit to see my consultant again. In the end, all was declared to be “OK”, but having seen me again my consultant was reminded that it was time for my annual post-cancer check-up. And in this particular instance he’s decided he wants to do the works, so this year I’m getting both a CT scan and a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy is scheduled for tomorrow evening, and I have a bunch of preparation that I need to follow before that can take place.

So, as of Saturday I’ve been following a restricted diet (no nuts, seeds, cheese, and only very low-fibre foods).

As of today I also have to come off all my normal medications that give me the freedom to get out and about – so I’m now effectively house-bound.

The next step (after lunchtime today) is to stop eating and go over to a clear-liquid only diet; ie no milk, and no solids at all. I then have a series of three “interesting” medicines to take tonight, tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon before I go into the hospital tomorrow evening.

At that point I’ll be sedated, and have the procedure.

In theory I should be home again that evening, but what’s much less clear to me is how long it’s going to take to get myself back on my medication and onto an even, predictable keel again. The doctors suggest that one “works from home” the following day, which (given their normal understatement) makes me think that I’ll be in no fit state to do much of anything on Wednesday.

Fortunately, with it being the run-up to Christmas, I only have a few customer meetings in the diary, and my next London appointment isn’t until Friday. I reckon that even in the worst of scenarios I ought to be OK again by then.

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