More radiation please!

The hospital called me up today; they can squeeze me in for my full-body CT scan on the 30th.

This is a fairly easy process when compared to the colonoscopy. I get to stay on all my medication, and can even have a light breakfast on the day of the appointment. I go for the appointment at 11am, after which I get to drink a litre of “gloop” (barium meal), get hooked up to another cannula (intravenous contrast agent) and then get fed through a CT scanner. A walk in the park!

I also got my follow-up appointment with my consultant (for the 14th February) when he’ll no doubt have the combined results from the biopsies he took during my colonoscopy and from the CT scan. Fingers crossed that all will be well, as amazingly it will be getting close to my 2 year anniversary – after which point the odds of a re-occurrence start to drop significantly.

I must remember to ask him for his opinion on the recent news in the press over aspirin being a good prophylactic for cancers. After all, what’s one more little tablet a day, if it keeps the cancer away?!

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