More medical problems (part iv)

The plan evolves.

Yesterday I went onto a two week course of antibiotics, designed to help me combat the infection in my abscess. Oddly I am now experiencing some pain from the abscess – something that has been completely absent for the last year or so.

In parallel, I was put through another MRI scan, this time with a series of IV contrast agents, to better image the abscess. It turns out that part of the reason for this was to look more closely to see if the abscess itself was cancerous. The results from that were a lot of detailed images of my innards, and pretty conclusive evidence that there is nothing in the abscess other than infection, normal scar tissue, and inflammation in the surrounding tissues. Which is really positive. Slightly less positive is that the pinching of the ureter was apparently also very clearly evident. However, the GI consultant who initially examined the scans is wondering if just draining the abscess with a catheter may (in combination with the antibiotics) give me enough help to start to get on top of the infection. He’s going to discuss this with my consultant on Monday, and is holding “an option” on me to go ahead with the process on Tuesday morning if my consultant agrees with him.

Meanwhile I have now had the booking through for an initial consultation with the urologist on Tuesday afternoon, to discuss the fitting of the ureteric stent. I suspect that they will actually go ahead with that pretty quickly thereafter.

Beyond that, I also now have a tertiary referral to one of the leading experts in colorectal disease in the UK. Turns out that he has his private practice based in a clinic in Harley Street, which is an address laden with history. It’s certainly not somewhere I ever expected to go, but I’ll be there a week on Monday. Hopefully the experts second opinion will help my consultant come to the best possible long term treatment plan.


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