More medical problems (part v)

The consultation with the urologist went ahead on Tuesday afternoon, as planned. He took a good look at my MRI scans, and agreed with my consultants suggestion of putting a stent in my left ureter.

And, because he’s about to go on holiday, he offered to do the procedure the following evening, on Wednesday. So, some adjustment of work commitments, a bit of organising of the medical insurance people, another general anaesthetic, and (this time) an overnight stay.

Having actually put the stent in, the urologist thinks that the problem isn’t too bad, and that once the abscess is resolved then everything should go back to working normally again – allowing the stent to simply be removed, which is pretty positive news.

But at the moment I’m feeling somewhat abused. The procedure may be fairly minor, but it feels like I’ve been kicked in the kidney and crotch. I’m also passing blood (from where the stent was fitted) and because the stent is also irritating my bladder, I need to pass water a lot more frequently than normal (which is uncomfortable too). All in all, not much fun.

I’m told that this should all settle down in the next 48-72 hours, which will be a relief, but if it doesn’t then I have the names of some medicines that my GP can prescribe that will help.

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