Getting well enough for hospital

Well, it’s been a pretty dreadful week. I’ve spent almost all of it in bed, feeling extremely unwell, unable to stay awake for more than a couple of hours at a time. I’ve also barely been eating, which is generally not a good sign. Fortunately, although I’m still not completely well again, I think I’m now over the worst of it.

The antibiotics eventually got my temperature under control, and seemed to resolve the urine infection, but the prime problem, the upper respiratory tract infection (cough, sore throat etc) has made no progress at all. The general suspicion is that that is viral rather than bacterial – so in short, the only solution is to let my body tackle it in it’s own time. The GP’s took blood samples to try to validate that assumption, but the results are not back from the lab yet.

Meanwhile I’ve started eating again (which is probably positive) and I’m out of bed, though very tired, and cat-napping a lot. I’m hoping that with luck I’ll be make it back to work this week, and then hopefully be able to pass the pre-clerking tests when my surgeon gets the operation rescheduled, probably the week after that.

Well, it’s a plan anyway…


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