Continuing to get well enough for hospital

Last week went pretty much according to plan. I managed to work from home all week, and apart from being very tired, managed to get a lot done. Unfortunately I still have the hacking cough and sore throat … which is not what I was hoping for.

The latest update is that I also have a provisional date for my rescheduled operation; the 28th of April. Which given how little improvement I’ve seen in my cough, is worryingly soon. I’m hoping that if I continue to avoid running myself down with lots of travel, and avoid places like crowded trains where I might pick up more infections, then I may get well in time.

Of course, there are no guarantees, but it’s always good to have a plan!


4 thoughts on “Continuing to get well enough for hospital

  1. Poor you. I cannot believe all this bother. Do they think they have the infections under control now and you will be able to go ahaed on 28th?
    we will all have an extra big bottle of champagne when this is all over!
    much love
    JOy xx

    • All the bacterial stuff is resolved – but the cough / upper respiratory tract stuff seems to be viral, so I’ve got to kick that on my own. It’s definitely getting better, but the date for the operation is getting closer too, so it’s becoming a bit of a race. I’m hoping that I’ll pass the admission tests this time though; I’m certainly much better now than I was back at the end of March.
      Will definitely look forward to a glass of fizz once this is all over – something to focus on when I’m stuck in hospital 🙂

    • It’s looking good – I just had bloods drawn, and saw the surgeon – he’s expecting me on his table on Thursday afternoon!

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