So far so good (part iii)

The last two days have been rather busy, as having been discharged from hospital there is a surprising amount of things that I’ve needed to do.

First up was to get permission from my motor insurer to drive again. My consultant was happy for me drive, provided that I felt up to it, but it’s important to make sure that the insurance company are equally happy. In my case it took nearly an hour to get through to the insurer; I guess a lot of people had had problems over the long weekend, and were also trying to get through. When I finally did get through it took all of 60 seconds for them to confirm that if the consultant was happy then they were also happy. Which is good, as otherwise I’d need chauffeuring by my wife, which wouldn’t have been very convenient.

Having reacquired mobility, the next thing to do was to visit my GP and arrange appointments to have the staples taken out of my wounds in 10 days time, arrange for some regular checks on the wound, and for the practice nurse to redress the wound as needed.

On the way back from the GP I called into the local supermarket and picked up a couple of tins of sweets to give to the nurses on the surgical high care ward that I’d been in. The care they’ve given me was wonderful, and I suspect that they get very little thanks, as the majority of their patients will usually rapidly move on from the high care ward to a normal ward before they are well enough to really notice. So some nice sweets and a card is the very least that I can do to recognise & thank them.

After lunch I then headed back into the hospital to drop off the sweets and thank the nurses again, before picking up my drugs from the pharmacy. What surprised me was that having driven to the hospital, which is only 12 miles away, I was really tired and needed to rest for a few minutes before walking in.

Wednesday morning was pretty much taken up by another trip into the hospital to see the Stoma nurses, prove my competence at managing my ileostomy, and arrange for a regular supply of bags etc.

By the time I’d finished that, and got home, it was time to go to my GP to get my dressings changed. Fortunately the main wound is healing well, and there is surprisingly little discharge from it. The practice nurse feels that one more change on Friday should be sufficient for me to then think about leaving it open to the air to finish healing naturally, which is really positive.


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