So far so good (part iv)

Wednesday night was a bit of a disaster really. It didn’t seem to matter what I did, I couldn’t get comfortable, and couldn’t get to sleep. My usual resolution for insomnia (get up, make some tea and read for an hour) had absolutely no effect whatsoever. In the end I got no sleep at all – which didn’t leave me in a very good state the next morning.

Fortunately I was able to catnap through the morning before going back into the hospital for a combined CT scan and gastrografin enema test in the early afternoon. The CT scan part was designed to image the extent of the inflammation surrounding the abscesses, and provide a baseline for future progress checks on how the inflammation is (hopefully) reduced. The gastrografin part is to determine how well the drainage of the abscesses has been achieved, and whether just the primary abscess, or the secondary abscesses are also being successfully drained.

As usual, the CT scan required an IV contrast agent, via yet another large-bore canula. And as usual, I felt the hot flush of the agent as my heart pumped it around my body before it settled (as it always seems to!) most disconcertingly in my buttocks. It’s a very strange sensation. But not as strange (or uncomfortable) as the gastrografin enema.

The good news is that the consultant who was administering the scans felt that from his initial impressions, it looked as though the abscesses had reduced considerably already.

Thursday night I again got practically no sleep at all. Again, I managed to catnap during the morning before I had to go to my GP to get my dressings changed again. But I really need to get a good nights sleep tonight, or I am going to really start to suffer. Incidentally this dressing change didn’t go quite as well as the first – it looks like at some point I’ve pulled open the wound, causing it to bleed quite a lot. The staples have held, but it possibly explains some of the additional discomfort that I’ve been experiencing over the last couple of days.


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