Test results

My surgeon called this evening to let me know the results of the CT scan / gastrografin enema tests. There are times when the medical profession seem to be startlingly efficient.

All three abscesses have been completely drained, and have “collapsed” on themselves, presumably as the first stage of starting to heal. The inflammation around the extremities of the abscesses appears to already be reduced, and the kidney that was pinched off is now clear (as it’s shrunk back to its normal size again), though whether this is due to the draining of the abscesses, or the stenting of the kidney isn’t clear. Either way it’s a good thing. The surgeon seems to be very pleased indeed.

For now the plan is to have fortnightly check-ups, starting next week, to ensure that the drainage that the surgeon made stays open and clear until the abscesses have completely healed up. I suspect this is going to involve a series of sigmoidoscopies. Once everything has healed we can take another shot at the reversal of my ileostomy; from what my surgeon was saying, he seems to be hoping that I won’t need to be on the ileostomy for very long – which would certainly suit me.

The one thing I forgot to ask (which I should have) was whether he now considers my prognosis to be significantly improved or not. I guess that’s one for my next meeting with him, next week.


One thought on “Test results

  1. Richard,

    I’m glad to hear that your recent surgery went well. I stumbled across your blog last month during my recovery from surgery for colorectal cancer (FYI, I was a diagnosed with cancer last November and had simluatenous chemo and radiation in January/February). I was immediately drawn to your writing, perhaps because of its similarity to my own wry humor. I’ve been keeping my “journal” (steveneddy.wordpress.com) since the beginning and have found it very helpful. Thanks for sharing your musings, they have been very imformative and useful to me as I’m a little behind you in the process. Take care and best of luck to you.

    Steven Eddy
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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