Fuel saving measures

I’ve been meaning to take the Tiger out for some short runs, just to continue to shake it down and find any little problems that may be hiding in there. Better to find things like that within walking distance of home, before I start venturing further afield, than risk returning home on the back of a recovery lorry.

Meanwhile, my youngest daughter has been itching to show off, and has been “asking” to be taken to school in it. So the other day I decided to humour her. But when we got in and turned the ignition on, the fuel gauge read empty. Which on reflection was where I remembered it had got to when I’d last put it away. I’d thought at the time I should put another gallon can of fuel in it, so I could drive to the nearest garage and fill it up – but I’d not got around to it. So we switched to the people-carrier for the school run, and I did some quick mental maths.

Basically I’d put a gallon of fresh fuel in the car when I was first getting it running again. There was probably 1/2 a gallon of petrol left. From the odometer I’d gone some 9 miles. Ergo I’ve been getting only 18mpg or so, rather than the 30mpg it should be getting.

At that rate of consumption, I must find the time to revisit the set-up of the carburettors, or I won’t even be able to afford to drive it!

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