More fuel saving measures

I got the Tiger out this afternoon to look into the apparent over-fueling. Once up to temperature I leaned off the mixture by half a turn per barrel. This made no noticeable difference to the idling, but the engine seemed much happier to respond to a snap-opening of the throttle while sat on the drive.

Out on the road however, the car is still spitting back through the carbs on light throttle openings, and banging and popping like mad on the over-run. It’s still hesitant when accelerating from low revs too, though it does subjectively feel better than before.

On the downside however, I now have a list of little teething problems to attack. None are particularly onerous, but some of them are going to be rather time-consuming. In particular, the electronic speedo has stopped working after only some 15 miles. I suspect that to fix it I’m going to have to take the interior back out again, which is frustrating. I also have a strong suspicion there is an air leak at the exhaust collector, and that I’m going to ultimately need to get the carbs rejetted on a rolling road to get the mixtures right.

Still, now that the speedo isn’t working, I don’t know how far I’ve gone, so at least I can’t work out the fuel consumption any more. That’s one solution to that problem I guess.

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