Even more messing about in a boat

I got my two further coats of varnish on the Mirror today.

I must admit that despite my initial misgivings about the varnish, it’s turned out to be fabulous stuff. It goes on easily, and brushes out really well. Having now applied three coats, the finish is gorgeous. The only problem is that it not only shows off the beauty of the wood, but also all the imperfections. I can see where the wood has gone blotchy due to damp, as well as brush marks and runs in previous coats of varnish that were poorly applied. Part of me wishes I’d had the time to strip the whole boat right back to the bare wood, and start again – but of course that wasn’t practical at this time of the year.

Tomorrow I’ll see about getting the non-slip deck paint applied. Hopefully I can get the first (maybe only?) coat applied in the afternoon. If I need to apply more coats then I ought to be able to get two more coats done on Wednesday, and still get the boat back in the pound on Friday morning.

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