So far so good (part viii)

Life has been rather hectic recently. Which is no bad thing really – it’s nice to be getting back to normality, rather than forever being focused on the problems and negatives of being ill. But at the same time, it’s meant that it’s been a while since I last took the time out to update you all with what’s been happening.

Firstly, as I reported, I came off my antibiotics at the end of May. A fortnight later and so far there are no signs of any problems. I continue to be pain-free, with normal body temperatures. It looks like I’m coping just fine without them. Which is nice, as they’re HUGE tablets, and need to be taken at different times to all my others, which is a scheduling nightmare!

Secondly, the results of my blood tests came back, and for the first time since we discovered my abscesses, my CRP level is normal. In the recent past it’s been in the 60-100+ range, thanks to the abscesses, so getting back to (I assume) under 10 is a real indicator that things are going well. My surgeon even went so far as to say “Good news!” in his email!

I’ve also had another MRI test run on my pelvis to see if the inflammation is going down. The actual test itself was fine (if a little hot and sweaty inside the machine) especially as they didn’t need to give me any contrast agents this time. I’m yet to hear back from my surgeon on the results of that, though I’ve no obvious reasons (see above) to feel concerned.

And finally, I’ve been referred to the urologist again, to discuss whether or not now is the right time to remove the stent from my kidney. It would be nice to get rid of it, and in fact good practice says it should be removed by the end of August anyway. The personal downside is that removing it will probably result in another week weeing blood, which isn’t exactly something to look forward to. My appointment is on Tuesday, so with luck I won’t get any free time to dwell on it!


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