So far so good (part x)

Had a call from the urologists medical secretary, asking me to report to his surgery on Wednesday afternoon. Which may be fine for him, but not for me – I need to be in London for a series of meetings that day, and can’t readily change things at this kind of notice.

As I’m doing this via my private health insurance, and convenience is touted as one of the major benefits, I assumed that there would be no issue with me asking for an alternative date. I was really surprised at the reaction from the secretary; she was really annoyed that I wouldn’t change my schedules to fit in with the urologist.

So I started to offer her a bunch of dates that I could easily make myself available on, only to be rather irritably told that “It doesn’t work like that”. I hate to tell her, but yes, actually it does.

Turns out that unlike the other surgeons I’ve been dealing with, he is relatively new into private practice, and doesn’t have any fixed times for his surgeries, Presumably this puts him in competition with all the other surgeons for the use of the hospital facilities at “work-friendly” times, and he’s finding it difficult. He has my sympathy, but it’s his problem to solve, not mine.

It will be interesting to see what his secretary comes back with next.


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