So far so good (Part xi)

Life with the ileostomy seems to have settled down fairly well over the last couple of months; in general it’s so much better than my last experience of having a stoma that it’s like chalk and cheese. I suspect I wouldn’t have been anything like as determined to avoid a colostomy if I’d had this as my original experience of an ileostomy.

Mind you, perhaps that’s no bad thing since things are continuing to progress well. My determination to push back so hard against the idea of a colostomy may yet end up resulting in me being completely stoma-free.

Of course, there are some issues with the ileostomy – in this recent hot weather I’ve come perilously close to getting dehydrated a couple of times now, just by simply missing out on a couple of drinks of water. I’ve also noticed that my belt and trouser waistband are rubbing on the stoma causing irritation, which causes it to work less effectively.

The hospital does a lot of work trying to position the stoma to avoid this, but they’re very constrained by anatomy. I suppose I could go invest in some high waisted trousers and braces, but I have no desire to look like Simon Cowell, so for now I’ll just put up with it.

In other news the urologists secretary called last week to see if I could make Friday the 15th to have my kidney stent removed – which I can – so I’m just waiting for the details of the appointment now.

I had a chat with a friend in the business who tells it to me as it is, rather than with the sugar coating, and apparently taking stents out is a lot easier than putting them in. As such they’re done with a simple local anaesthetic as an outpatients appointment, albeit in a operating theatre. It sounds no worse than being catheterised anyway, which I’d had done a couple of times now. I suspect I’ll look the other way at critical moments though!

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